Preparing for the Purple Teal Owl Baby Shower Celebration

Posted by Alex on 12th Oct 2017

Trying to create a perfect Owl Themed baby shower? That can be a challenge.. But we will make it easy for you!If you take into consideration of all the details you need to think of or a … read more

Wording for Thank You Cards

2nd Oct 2017

I'm sorry I couldn't be there,But I'm not quite ready yet,God is painting my eyes, nose and cheeksAnd soon I'll be all set.Thought I wasn't there to thank you,For the lovely gift you brought,My family … read more

Fall Celebrations: Halloween inspired Baby Shower

Posted by Alex on 17th Sep 2015

Fall is a great time of the year when people get to look forward to Halloween and the beautiful change in leaves. For some that’s not the only thing that people get to look forward to, in fact fall … read more


Posted by Alex on 10th Sep 2015

Bright Sun… heat of lovely beaches, freshness of the breeze will soon be over, as we are about to welcome the wise & fun Autumn, great time of the year for hosting baby shower. Our autumn, is ful … read more

Welcoming New Baby or different types of baby shower

Posted by Alex on 23rd Jan 2015

Deciding on right type of baby shower will help you to plan it efficiently. Depending on the place, budget and needs,  and most important for whom the shower is organized for - the celebrati … read more