Bright Sun… heat of lovely beaches, freshness of the breeze will soon be over, as we are about to welcome the wise & fun Autumn, great time of the year for hosting baby shower. Our autumn, is full of pumpkin, falling leaves, orange-red forests and softest sun beans. After all possible relaxing time you had, I thought, it would be great to get some inspiration and ideas for the Fall-related Baby Shower or Birthday theme. So in these posts I would be sharing some new and old designs related to Fall/Autumn that sure will help you to decide on the theme you are hosting.

We had one client asking us to design a fall-themed baby shower for a girl using the pumpkin as main element of the theme design. The theme supposed to have a unique look, have a modern and at the same time a soft look. Based on the request we have created a theme based upon pink and gold colors (including gold glitter), using Bokeh pattern, and a pumpkin with pink leaves. This is the invitation of the Girl Pumpkin Baby Shower Design (sku oz104bs)


We also upon the request created the design of one fun Little Pumpkin game, where the guests can show their knowledge about this special fruit/vegetable/vehicle? :) Guessing is also allowed! This game comes with answers too!


We know that you would be more then happy not only have a files for $$$ but FREE Pumpkin Girl digital file as well so we created for your use 2.5" circle Free Pumpkin Thank You! Favor Tag. You can download and use this pumpkin thank you file for free, creating from it favor tags, labels, any other giveaways.


If you are looking for some decorative inspiration we can suggest you to check these fabulous creative ideas for a Little Girl Pumpkin! Centerpieces, table decorations and some more we like!


Pumpkin Shower: Pumpkin with Monogram - Gold Monogram and Pink Ribbon


Pumpkin Shower Table Decoration Ideas


Vase from Pumpkin as a Table Decoration


Pumpkin and Pearls - Pumpkin Baby Shower.


Sweet Pumpkin - Cupcakes...Yummmyyyyy!


Pumpkin and Candles - so Romantic!

10th Sep 2015 Alex

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