Welcoming New Baby or different types of baby shower

Deciding on right type of baby shower will help you to plan it efficiently.

Depending on the place, budget and needs,  and most important for whom the shower is organized for - the celebration of new baby coming is basically divided into 7 categories.

Some categories can be combined together - it is all up to you.

  1. Baby Shower (Classic) or Mommy's Party
  2. Couples or Co-ed Baby Shower
  3. Gender Reveal Shower
  4. Sprinkle Baby Shower
  5. Long Distance baby shower or Web Shower
  6. Daddy's Baby Shower
  7. Grandma Shower
  8. Family Baby Shower
  9. Office Baby Shower
  10. Arrival of New Baby Shower ( Sip and See | Meet and Greet Baby Shower; Welcome to the World)
  11. Adoption Baby Shower

Let us start with the Classic Baby Shower. The Classic Baby Shower is organized for the Mommy-to-be and is attended by women  - family members, friends, colleagues ONLY (girls only party).  Children may or may not be part of the celebration. 

Couples or Co-ed Baby shower is getting more popular each day, where men and women are coming together to congratulate the parents-to-be.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower - this baby shower can be organized only for women or couples - all up to you. The main difference of this type of shower is it is all created upon the idea of finding out the gender of new baby. And it is sooo exciting!

Baby Sprinkle Shower is organized to celebrate second, thirds.. pregnancy of the mommy. The big idea behind it to come together and shower mommy with daily needs, as most of the essential items the mommy already has from her first addition.

Web Baby Shower - is a perfect type of shower for family members who live far away. Web Baby shower is also suitable for the mommies to be who are on a full day hospital care. With the Internet it is so easy to bring all family together!

Daddy's Baby Shower - well it is all about celebrating daddy-to-be among men. Attendants are family members, friends; can be organized as party at the office (working place) for colleagues and the boss. 

Grandma's Baby Shower - becoming first time grandmother can be a very exciting too! Helps to prepare grandma-to-be for upcoming arrival of new baby (and future visiting of the baby to her place).  Celebrated among the friends and family members.

Family Baby Shower - it is all about family gathering together to celebrate the new baby on the way! 

Office Baby Shower - an office shower is usually thrown during the lunch hour or directly after work in a conference room or a restaurant. Since the lunch hour is typically shorter than a normal shower, fewer games are used. If the dad-to-be works in the office environment; the co-workers can also invite the wife to be included in the celebration.

Showering A New Baby - the celebration organized after actual baby arrival. Arrival of new baby is celebrated as a normal baby shower, yet should be shorter. The other names for celebrating Arrival of New Baby are "Welcome to the World", "Sip and See" or a "Meet and Greet" party.

Sip and See | Meet and Greet Baby Shower - is a trend that is getting popular as it is an easy way for new parents to gather loved once for them to meet new baby, and is given after the birth. Sip and See stands exactly for what it means so extended meals needed (no five-course menus), nothing tiring for a new mommy :).

Adoption Baby Shower - is very similar to Classic Baby Shower, organized to welcome new family member and give a support to adoptive family.

23rd Jan 2015 Alex

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