Fall Celebrations: Halloween inspired Baby Shower

Halloween Invitation for Baby Shower

Fall is a great time of the year when people get to look forward to Halloween and the beautiful change in leaves. For some that’s not the only thing that people get to look forward to, in fact fall baby’s means Halloween themed baby showers, that can also be called fall baby showers, spooky baby showers, boo baby showers, etc. As a host for a baby shower there are some tips and tricks for anyone who wants to plan a baby shower. After all, no baby shower is complete without some Halloween baby shower invitations or a pumpkin invitation. For those who may be expecting or primarily hosting a baby shower for someone who is expecting “their little pumpkin” in the fall we want to help with some Halloween baby shower idea’s to get you on the right track of a perfect baby shower.

No baby shower is complete without invitations to anyone who you want to attend. With this time of year that can be especially fun. Whether you send out a Halloween digital printable invitation, or you make spooky invitations, make sure you have a premade list so all your guests get an invite. Next, let’s discuss party favors and treats for the guests. Based on how many guests a host expects to be at the baby shower you can do Halloween themed cupcakes, pumpkin carving based activities, or even plastic jack-o-lanterns with treats in them. Sites such as Pinterest are a great place to get started on finding cheap and easy, but fun food idea’s for the baby shower. When we think of fall and Halloween we think of festivities and that means festive food. Most people think of things like Apple Cider and Candy apples which can be a great addition to any baby shower.

Just like the food, decorations are a part of any great baby shower. To keep with the fall and Halloween based theme, pumpkins are probably your best bet. After all they correlate well with both the fall and Halloween theme. Orange colored tea candles can be a fun idea depending on the time of day that the baby shower is set. For one’s that may be in the evening, the orange splash of lit candles can really set a great Halloween themed mood. Before you buy any decorations though, make sure you know what colors you’d like to use. As fall represents many colors, when it comes to Halloween you can either go with the traditional orange color which is more a representation of fall, or you can go with black and orange which are traditional colors. Based on your colors are what you want your directions to match up with.

Finally, let’s talk about games. This is a great time to get creative with pumpkin carvings, and the best time of year for fun arts and crafts. Hosting a best Halloween contest can be a lot of fun or even face painting stations. There are so many idea’s that the fun is endless. 

17th Sep 2015 Alex

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